Individual therapies


I provide individual therapy for people of all ages. My analytic listening is respectful and non-judgemental. The therapy can help a person when going through a hard time in life, or help them overcome a symptom or make a decision. It is also a way of getting deeper knowledge of yourself, so you can stop repeating patterns of the past and move forward. Whatever the case, therapy empowers you to take control of your life.



When children show signs of emotional malaise at home or at school, they may need a place to talk about their concerns. Younger children express themselves through words but also through drawing and play. Parents take part in their child’s therapy by attending the first session and explaining the situation. There may be other meetings with the parents during the therapy, in order to review the child’s evolution while respecting his or her privacy.



Adolescence is a time of physical and emotional upheaval, which can turn into distress. Some specific disorders tend to start after puberty, such as anorexia and bulimia, substance use, withdrawal, or depression. Adolescent psychotherapy provides support through this development phase. It offers a time for self-expression through words or drawing, leading to better self-awareness.