Family & Couples therapies

Family therapy

Systemic family therapy focuses on communication within the family, rather than on one of its members’ symptom. For instance, when a child or adolescent shows signs of emotional malaise (dropping out of school, violence, anorexia…), the therapy can be individual, or it can rally the whole family as a team to make change happen. The same applies when the suffering person is an adult (sibling or parent). Family therapy is especially indicated when a family undergoes a life crisis, such as the loss of a loved one.


Couples therapy

Like family therapy, couples therapy does not aim to cure the partner supposedly responsible for all the problems. It is an exploration of the couple’s organisation, its dynamic, its pitfalls. Therapy improves communication between the partners, so they so they do not remain stuck in verbal or unspoken conflict. It can also help the couple cope with an important change in its organisation : moving to a new place, having a baby…